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NAGA - Nueva Andalucia Golfers Association


The story of Naga wearies a lot and there are quite a few people who want to take the honor of creating the Society. That could be discussed for a long time and we would still have an argument.

The first person who did something organized in the name of Naga was Stig Åberg and that was in the autumn of 1989. The Society had its own handicap card after the old Swedish model and there could be several shots in between the real handicap and the Naga handicap. In the early part of the ninety´s Stig moved from the coast and we have not seen much of him since.

Our next Captain became L-G Johansson, one of the first members of Naga and the Los Naranjos Golf Club, who stayed as Captain until 1998. He has now moved to Thailand and doesn´t play golf any longer, look what being a Captain in Naga can do to you.

Now it was time for the first English Captain in Naga, Michael Weeks, who during seven years did an excellent job for the Society and its members. He has now moved to Monda and is no longer neither member nor golf player. I don´t know if I should quit this!?

2004 I, Micke Andersson, was elected Captain and let´s see how long I can keep up with all our marvelous members or how long they want me on the post. This gives me great pleasure and the web site gives us the opportunity to check everything concerning the Society even when you are not here. The Society is very much alive and developing in the right direction, let´s keep it that way.

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