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NAGA is an independent golf society with the aim to bring men together to nourish common interests, social contacts and good comradeship. NAGA´s activities is ruled by established Rules & Regulations (R&R) that is published, among other things, on our website ( All members are obliged to read and understand the R&R. NAGA-golf is played on Saturday mornings at Los Naranjos GC, followed by a social gathering with lunch. A minimum of 12 Naga members have to attend, if the round shall be counted with points in the Grand Prix.

A Committee elected at the AGM in October, governs the society. The Committee elects eventual new members among persons which have to be a member of Los Naranjos Golf Club and have played significant times as a guest to a member and then being proposed as a member by a minimum two members of Naga and have a handicap of maximum 18. The first year of membership is as a trial period, after that the board of NAGA will make the final decision. If a new member fails to play a minimum of 12 rounds he is automatically out, if not failed be illness or very special circumstances.

To be eligible to play as a guest, one has to be a personal guest of, and play with, a member. The member who invites the guest is responsible for informing him about all rules and etiquette in the society and also what is expected from the guest before and after the round of golf. A member can only invite one guest. All guests play a separate tournament within NAGA, current entre fee is 20€, minimum age 18 years, maximum handicap 18. The best guest can win 50% of the total entry fees for guests, maximum 60€, if only one guest is playing, he will regain his 20€. The other 50% of the guest fees will be deposit into NAGA´s account.

The Committee can also exclude members that have not played at least twelve (12) rounds per year. In such cases the Committee will take into consideration the participation over the last two years and also eventual special circumstances. Exclusion can also occur if a member repeatedly breaks the R&A Rules of Golf or the etiquette of golf. The members are expected to participate on various activities organized by the Society and should NOT have any issues to play with any other NAGA members.

The maximum number of members is Fifty (50) excluding honorary members, and a waiting list to join is therefore always in place.

The annual fee for a member is 100€ which should be paid before end of November. The weekly entry fee is currently 20€ which most of goes back to the best players according to the Committees decided rules.

On Saturdays every player, and his guest, should register and pay the 20€ in the pro-shop at least half an hour before his starting time. The Captain will decide the local rules and what type of game will be played. White tee is played once a month. Maximum handicap allowed in the game is 22+slope for a member and 18 + slope for a guest.

To facilitate the planning of tee-times, we kindly ask all members to inform the Captain if they want to play, no later than Thursday at 17.00. In the event of too many players requesting to play, play will be allocated on a first come basis.

Alongside the weekly competition an accumulated Grand Prix is also in place with the running result, which is presented on our website. The third week in April the Spring Medal is played Friday and Saturday and the third week in October NAGA Masters is played Friday and Saturday, when also the AGM (Friday) and the NAGA Dinner (Saturday) takes place. If you can´t attend the AGM, you should leave a proxy with the committee for the voting process. All playing members are obliged to attend the dinner. As a member you can attend the dinner even if you don´t play the Masters tournament. Only members with wife or other company are allowed at the dinner.

What is expected from you as a NAGA member!

What is expected from you as a NAGA member!

  • To read and follow the R&R, which is found on our website:
  • Play with any other member without any complains
  • To pay the entry fee half an hour before his starting time.
  • Respect the Captains choice of type of game and any temporary rules announced.
  • Change scorecard with your marker, sign it and hand it over in the proshop.
  • Always attend for lunch until prize giving is finished.
  • Not to bring any women to the table or as a caddy during NAGA competitions.
  • Play at least 12 Saturdays every year.
  • If you invite a guest inform him about NAGA´s rules and etiquette.
  • Prioritize NAGA over other competitions.

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The Board of NAGA

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