Nueva Andalucia Golfers Association


NAGA Rules and Regulations

Protocol from the committee meeting 19/10/05.

  1. Jim Broberg was elected new president of the society and Mikael Andersson captain and secretary.
  2. The society would like to thank Gunnar Johansson and Michael Weeks for all their efforts made for the society during the years.
  3. The new members situation, see separate list.
  4. Updates of rules and regulations see the new on the board or web.
  5. The new system for the Grand Prix points will be 10 points for a win, 8 as second, 6 for third place then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
  6. The new fee for the members on Saturdays will be 20 € as well as for the guest.
  7. The Naga Masters winner will have his green jacket paid by the society but every new member have to pay his own blue jacket.
  8. Stefan Lindwall will check where to buy the jackets, both green and blue, he will also look into new suggestions for badges, ties and tie pins.
  9. Lars Nyberg is in charge of a change of our boards in the member´s area.
  10. Jim Broberg will write a letter to all our members that have played less then 10 rounds, we have too many that have played too little.
  11. New members will be presented the Naga badge at a ceremony held on convenience.
  12. Prizes for both Naga Masters and Naga Grand Prix will be equal, prizes for all three on the podium.


Protocol from the committee meeting 21/01/06

  1. Jim Brobergs letter has been done and approved by the board. Jim will send this letter to the concerning members.
  2. The boards will be delivered in two weeks time according to Mike Smith.
  3. The board decided that Mike Smith will take the responsibility for the jackets and Stefan continues the work with pins and the badge.
  4. We will ad a weather link on the web page.
  5. The Board has written an answer to Les Noakes concerning the weekly fee.


Protocol from the committee meeting 7/10/06

  1. The President will write a letter to those members who need to improve of their number of appearances, depending of what the AGM decides.
  2. The rule that a guest must play with the member they have been invited by will be applied in the future and guests who just show on Saturday mornings has to find a member on sight to be able to play.
  3. The official blue jacket for the Society is Emilio Tucci. This jacket is to be found at El Corte Inlgés to a price of 190€. The green jacket will be discussed on the AGM.
  4. A new badge is approved and a sample will be made.
  5. Lars Nyberg is in charged of buying the prizes for the GP & Masters.
  6. The clothes witch will be offered the members at the AGM will be for free to the members having played 20 times or more. The members with less appearances has to pay 40€ per set.
  7. New members to the Society has to, apart from the yearly fee, pay 100€ and will then be entitled to buy a set of clothes for 40€.
  8. The suggestion for the amount of times witch a member has to play during a season was decided to 15 times. This will discussed on the AGM.
  9. Next committee meeting will be held the 21/10/06 at 09:00


Protocol from the committee meeting 21/10/06

  1. Both green and blue jackets will be ordered from Sweden. The member only has to tell the responsible person of the Committee his size and it will be taken care of.
  2. The new badge will be looked at for further improvement.
  3. Micke will put a sheet on the board for pretenders to the new Committee.
  4. Lasse and Stefan will be in charge of handling out the shits and slipovers.


Protocol from the committee meeting 20/10/07

  1. The Board recommend the members to be more conservative with guests on peak weekends as Christmas, new year, Easter and around Naga Masters due to problems with starting times.
  2. We have six new members in the Society and they are Jens Nielsen, Patrik Albrektsson, Vigo Carlund, Niklas Braathen, Helge Longva and Nicke Pålsson. The old members who are excluded are the late Bengt Ågren, Keith Boysen, Nils Billving and Joakim Nerman. The Board decided to make Jan Solum to passive member due to his private situation.
  3. The new badges will be delivered on Friday the 26/10.
  4. Naga owes Stefan Lindwall a green jacket witch he will get through L-U Nilsson.
  5. Stefan Lindwall is in charge of the music for the Naga dinner on Saturday 27/10.
  6. F. Perdrix will do some research to organize a trip to Los Arcos the Frontera for the Society and the ones who would like to go.
  7. Naga will buy a rule and decision book to be kept at Los Naranjos.


Protocol from the committee meeting 3/11/08

  1. Jim and Micke reelected as catain and chairman
  2. Charity to Aspandem and Cudeca, 1,500€ each.
  3. New members pay an additional 100€.
  4. New members buy their own jackets at Corte Inglés.
  5. Stefan will organize stickers.
  6. Masters will be played 24-25/10-08.
  7. Mike will take care of the boards.
  8. Jim will update rules and regulations


Protocol from the committee meeting 1/3/08

  1. Stefan will see to that Cudeca get their money, 1.500€.
  2. The Arcos Garden trip will be the 4/10/08.
  3. Passive members who does not play a suffient amount of times will lose their status as a member.